About Enigma

Great social media marketing reseller/supplier panel for SEO and SMM services.
If you are new into this type of business we highly suggest you to start with this user panel.
The panel is fully ‚Äčmanageable from the admin and easy to integrate multiple all panel APIs which accept GET requests,
no programming skills are required to manage your panel or to manage your service APIs for sending the orders to your supplier panel.
The panel is really easy to install, there is installation file so again, no programming skills are required or SQL file executions.
We are the only sellers of this software so it is fully unique and it comes up with life time updates and support.

With the purchase you will receive:

  • Copy of the panel script.
  • Basic installation guide.
  • Basic guide how to attach APIs to your services and make your panel fully automatic and auto-pilot.
  • Our list of best SMM and SEO supplier panels.
  • *Additional: We can setup the panel for you for free.


  • Fully manageable panel from administration panel.
  • All orders are processed instantly.They are sent to your reseller panel(API) or if API is not attached they'll be processed manually.
  • Simple user interface for best user experience.
  • Ultra lightweight script, awesome speed performance.
  • No dependencies on the web hosting.
  • Support system.Your clients can leave you messages (No page refresh).
  • 2 steps order page (No page refresh).
  • Upload user avatar (No page refresh).
  • Update user profile settings (No page refresh).
  • API system.
  • No page refresh for a lot functions (each submit is handled by the server and the page won't be refreshed).
  • Automated payment gateways.
  • Custom 404 & 500 error pages.
  • User password recovery function.
  • Orders are separated in 3 dropdown navigation bars(all, completed & processing).
  • Services list with IDs and everything is listed there.
  • API documentation page for the user side.
  • News system.
  • Individual prices for each user per service.
  • Reseller group with custom prices per service for the whole group.
  • Set minimum deposit amount.
  • Set custom currency symbol($...) and currency name(USD, EUR...).
  • Disable/enable Skype ID require on register.
  • Get email notifications on new order, sign up and more.
  • All users,orders,deposits,user-login logs.
  • Add your own navigation links to the navigation bar(menu).
  • A lot more.