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OnePanel - The simplest panel ever made

Greetings to all our current and new customers!

We are here this time to introduce you our new panel and the revolution of all panels on the market, this one is the most simpliest one.

It's called OnePanel.

Check our demo at,

Website Updates

Hello, we've updated a lot of our website functionality so all our customers can feel more comfortable with us.

Our support team has new member so we are almost online anytime.

Also we have big upcoming updates for our both scripts.

Upcoming Events and Prizes

Hello, because of the upcoming holidays our company decided to give away 3 free copies for 1 month to 3 lucky visitors!

To enter the contest please send a message to with your domain name.

We will pick up the winners on 03.01.2017.


Warm Regards and Happy holidays from our team!

SEO Optimization - Enigma

We are happy to say that Enigma have some basic HTML SEO optimization (meta tags, description) which will help your business to grow faster.

If you are looking for high quality SEO optimization keep in mind we can help you with that for extra charges.



Enigma - Update (version 3.7)

Our script was updated, new version is officially released.

If you haven't updated your script please contact us in our contact page, Skype or live chat.

New features and pages were added.

Update is free for all already purchased copies of the script.



Crown - Update (version 1.3)

We are happy to say that our panel is updated with a lot new features and new looking!

Don't miss and check it out on,


Best Regards.

Crown - Update (version 1.2)

Most reliable panel on the market was updated and have a lot new features such as maintenance mode, IP address lock and manage registration fields.

Don't miss and check it our now,


Warm Regards.

Crown - Update (version 1.1)

Our first update is now!

If you are old customer, kindly contact us so we can deliver you the latest update of our panel script.

Performance is better, no new features were added.



Crown - Most Reliable Panel on the Market


Have you ever wanted something powerful and professional looking?

Well now you can buy it!

Our new and most reliable, good looking panel on the market is out from today!

Don't miss our sale for 3 days, we will discount the panel from $150 USD to $100 USD for limited time.


Have a nice day.

Warm Regards.

New Website Look

Hello, probably most of our clients noticed that our website has been updated.

We are doing everything we can so all our customers can feel more comfortable with us.

We have added live chat option so you can reach us easier.


Thanks to all our customers,


Best Regards,

Enigma - Release

Hello, we are happy to say that our first panel is out on the market.

We are selling it on affordable price for everybody, $50 USD life time usage with free future updates.