Elixir's Features

Find out everything you need to know about our platform and how it can help your business.

Unlimited Providers

Connect to as many third-party providers as you want. Our platforms provides flexible and extensive third-party connectivity, allowing your organization to connect to hundreds of providers

Multi-language & Multi-currency

Now your users can experience the platform in the language of their choice. Our localization engine allows you to translate and localize all the texts displayed by the platform. We even allow users to choose their preferred currency, how cool is that?

Free Installation

We make installation simple. All our platform purchases include a free installation service by our tech team. If you have any questions during the installation process, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.

Favourite Services

Your clients can favorite specific services that they frequently purchase and access them right away, by clicking on a "heart" button on the services page. This will save them time as they will not need to search for a particular service each time they want to purchase it.

Referral System

The built-in referrals system is the simplest way for your customers to earn consistently alongside you and bring you traffic. The more deposits that are made from their referral, the more they will earn.

Refill System

Our platform provides an extensive refill system that can process both - automatically, directly from providers or manual refill requests.

Automatic Payment Gateways

We have integrated all the major payment gateways out there, so you can unleash your creativity without having to worry about complicated integrations.

Highly Customizable

Page building made easy. Your content, your way. Our platform provides a rich theme customizer and landing page editor, alongside full-page editor. Full control at all times, with no coding required.

Staff Permissions & Roles

Quickly and efficiently grant staff permissions from any device. Monitor and manage employee roles in real-time from a single location with our responsive, scalable permission management system.

Deposit Rewards

Our deposit rewards are highly configurable so you can reward your users the way you want, whilst maintaining control at all times. Our rewards provide you with the flexibility to meet your strategy and drive your growth.

Track Provider Changes

You won’t have to worry about missing important changes in your providers services. Our tracking system is interpreting them for you and synchronizing them with just a click of a button.

Import Services

You can easily import a whole range of services to your site directly from your providers. Even better, you can customize them all before they’re added and remove any that aren’t relevant.

User API

Our platform provides developers and engineers with user-friendly SMM API functionality that helps you grow your business. With clear, rich documentation and use examples, our platform helps you easily scale across multiple platforms.

Individual Prices

With individual pricing, you can set the exact price you want to charge your customers and change it as often as you need.

Password Reset

As a user, you can rest assured that your account is safe with us. With the password reset feature, you can easily and securely change your password should you forget it or if it is compromised.

Time zone setup

Our platform has the incredible flexibility to support individual user timezones, or a company-wide global timezone to allow for collaboration across different time zones.

Ticket System

Advanced ticketing support system gives you complete control over where and how your customers get help with their problems. Run complex support workflows and track every detail of each interaction using advanced ticket history.

Different Types

Our platform supports a variety of different service types, such as mentions, packages, custom comments, SEO, and many others designed to fit your needs.

Autonomous Drip-feed

The only platform on the market that supports fully autonomous drip-feed orders. Accept drip-feed orders, no matter if your provider allows it or not.

Autonomous Subscriptions

Subscription ordering (recurring, scheduled) is our specialty. Our platform supports fully autonomous subscription orders. Accept subscription orders, no matter if your provider allows it or not.

Customizable Positions

Fully customizable positions of categories and services, you can create any structure you need.

Fully Responsive

Your website will look great on desktop and mobile, so you can build your audience no matter how they access your content.

Order History

Our platform provides extensive order history, with the ability to drill down into parts of your order, including the cost, exchange rates and timeline details for each one.

Average Delivery

Our platform provides accurate average service delivery time, calculated on the order history for the specific service.

Currency Conversion

Our platform supports all currencies with live mid-market exchange rates.

Auto & Manual Orders

Our platform supports the tools that you need to run a SMM business from any device. You can either connect any APIs for automated order processing or manage orders manually.

Account Statuses

The more money your customers spend, the higher status they can achieve. The statuses are fully customizable(discounts, bonuses, cashback & more) and provide a convenient way for you to engage your customers to spend more.

Service Changes Tracker

Our service changes tracker provides a changes log history (refill, created/deleted, enabled/disabled, min/max, rate) of your services updates, so you can keep your customers always updated with the latest news around you.

News System

Easily and effectively announce various updates and news to your customers.

User Avatar

Giving the ability to your users for a more personal experience. By default, our system generates a fake avatar with the first two letters of the first name.

Service Icons

Provide more information with less text. This feature gives you the ability to create your very own service icons (emojis), and describe them. The icons can be used on any service and are prepended to the end of the name.

Service Quantity Step

Provides a better way to manage more complex orders. If you ever wanted to sell a specific service with a specific step between quantities (50,100,150,200 etc.), well now you can!

Powerful Admin Dashboard

A modern-looking and powerful admin dashboard with all necessary analytical tools to see how your business performs and where may need improvement.

Separated ID Search

Don't waste time searching for records one by one. Our system supports advanced searching queries to help you find all the records you need by ID, simply by separating each record with a comma (",").

Partial Order Refund

Refund client orders partially, simply by entering the remaining quantity. All the costs are calculated in the backend. (Manual Delivery)

Cancel & Refund

Your client is not satisfied with the quality of the service he/she ordered, and demands a refund? You can directly cancel & refund the order from the dashboard.

Editable Links

Our platform aims to provide seamless and powerful functionality. You can easily manage the already placed orders and drip-feeds and edit their links.


Elixir provides a powerful caching mechanism and reduces the server resources to the minimum, all out of the box. You can keep control over the caching settings from the administration panel.

Infinite Scrolling

In order to maintain highly responsive pages, we introduced infinite scrolling into our system, so all the data is rendered when needed.

Advanced Service Filtering

Give the opportunity to your customers to find the service they are looking for with ease! Our platform provides powerful filtering and searching options.

Failed Order Indicator

Order was not get delivered or got lost on the way? No problem. We integrated a failed order indicator in the admin panel, so you can easily keep track of all unsuccessful order attempts and the reason why the order did not go thru.

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