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Our SMM panel script provides you with the most advanced tools to build your own SMM panel.
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Outstanding Interface

The user-friendly interface has been designed from the ground up to be quick and easy without compromising any of the advanced features.

SMM/SEO Services

Add more services to your website with ease. Whether you choose to add on SEO, SMM or other services, Elixir makes it happen.

Business Analytics

Whether you’re a new user or an experienced analyst, Elixir Toolbox's advanced business analysis tools will help you discover insights faster.

Get More Customers Online

Creating your website is easy and fast with our state-of-the-art platform. Our efficient built-in SEO features ensures that your site stands out at the top of search engine results.

Advanced SMM Panel Script Features

Work on your site from anywhere, at any time. The most flexible SMM CMS integration lets you create, edit and organize pages with ease, whether you’re at home or away.

Built-in Blog System

Featuring a built-in blog system, creating and managing your website content is quick and easy. Whether it’s updating blog posts or adding new pages you can do it all with our blog editor.

Right Strategies and Implementations
  • Elixir makes connecting to APIs simple, everywhere. Connect to virtually any provider with zero lines of code. No more chasing down API docs in order to make things work.

  • With Elixir you get a very simple and easy way to attach multiple providers to one service at the same time and process the orders automatically.

  • Our SMM platform provides a fully autonomous drip-feed and subscription SMM features, not depending on a third-party service.

Scalable and Lightweight

Committed to top quality and results

  • Our SMM panel script is built with scaling in mind. Running a quality web platform isn't easy, but we make it simple. It's lightweight, low-latency and fault-tolerant method of serving users content at an absurdly rapid rate, ensuring that you can focus on creating value instead of worrying about the techy stuff.

  • Elixir is built atop Laravel and PHP 8, the most advanced and fastest modern PHP language version yet. Elixir leverages Laravel's high security and performance to deliver a reliable and speedy user experience.

Unlimited Providers

Connect to as many third-party providers as you want. Our platform provides flexible and extensive third-party connectivity, allowing your organization to connect to hundreds of providers

Multi-language & Multi-currency

Now your users can experience the website in the language of their choice. Our localization engine allows you to translate and localize all the texts displayed by the platform. We even allow users to choose their preferred currency, how cool is that?

Free Installation

We make installation simple. All our platform purchases include a free installation service by our tech team. If you have any questions during the installation process, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.

Favourite Services

Your clients can favorite specific services that they frequently purchase and access them right away, by clicking on a "heart" button on the services page. This will save them time as they will not need to search for a particular service each time they want to purchase it.

Referral System

The built-in referrals system is the simplest way for your customers to earn consistently alongside you and bring you traffic. The more deposits that are made from their referral, the more they will earn.

Refill System

Our SMM platform provides an extensive refill system that can process both - automatically, directly from providers or manual refill requests.

Automatic Payment Gateways

We have integrated all the major payment gateways out there, so you can unleash your creativity without having to worry about complicated integrations. More information about the supported payment gateways can be found here.

Highly Customizable

Page building made easy. Your content, your way. Our SMM platform provides a rich theme customizer and landing page editor, alongside full-page editor. Full control at all times, with no coding required.

Staff Permissions & Roles

Quickly and efficiently grant staff permissions from any device. Monitor and manage employee roles in real-time from a single location with our responsive, scalable permission management system.

Deposit Rewards

Our deposit rewards are highly configurable so you can reward your users the way you want, whilst maintaining control at all times. Our rewards provide you with the flexibility to meet your strategy and drive your growth.

Track Provider Changes

You won’t have to worry about missing important changes in your providers services. Our tracking system is interpreting them for you and synchronizing them with just a click of a button.

Import Services

You can easily import a whole range of services to your site directly from your providers. Even better, you can customize them all before they’re added and remove any that aren’t relevant.

User API

Our SMM platform provides developers and engineers with user-friendly SMM API functionality that helps you grow your business. With clear, rich documentation and use examples, our platform helps you easily scale across multiple platforms.

Individual Prices

With individual pricing, you can set the exact price you want to charge your customers and change it as often as you need.

This was just a glimpse of what our platform is capable of.
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Our Pricing

We have a simple and fair pricing structure so that you know what you get for your money.

$ 139 99

One-Time Payment

  • 1 Domain License

  • 6 Months Support

  • Unlimited Providers

  • Unlimited Services

  • Future Updates

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know before getting started

Can I see Elixir in action before purchasing?

You can take a look over the user and staff sides in our free demo version, with no need to install anything on your system. Click here to preview our demo.

What are the requirements for using Elixir?

Elixir can be installed on almost any web hosting or VPS server. The minimum requirements are a web hosting or VPS server and a domain name. The recommended specifications for the VPS server are 4GB RAM with Pre-installed PHP 8 and MySQL 5.6 or higher.

What is your refund policy?

We will not provide refunds for your purchase, as you are provided with a copy of the platform instantly. This is downloadable upon purchase and would put our business at risk from potential fraudsters if we were providing refunds after this. If you have any questions about your purchase please contact us prior to purchasing or if you are having any issues with the platform please refer to the user guide or help center.

Do you sell SMM services?

No, we don't sell any type of SMM/SEO services. We sell only the SMM panel script.

Do you have a free trial?

Sorry, we currently don't offer any type of free trial. If you want to start using the platform now, please purchase a copy and get started today. Buy now.

Do I need programming knowledge to use Elixir?

You don’t need any prior programming knowledge to use our SMM platform. We’ve built a tool that is easy to use and doesn’t require specialized technical skills to create, launch and manage successful SMM business.

Do you have a documentation?

We provide an easy to read documentation and our support team is always ready to provide you with a guidance if needed.

Have more questions? Ask your question here

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